About me


My earliest memories are of art and creation...

For many years I used pen and paper to explore my thoughts, spending hours a day at my journal. Everything changed when I discovered that painting allowed more freedom and clarity to articulate my ideas, thoughts & emotions.
In my work I seek to complement the moments I encounter. I attempt breaking down life to its visual essentials light, dark, balance, movement, tone. In so doing perhaps I can reveal a new perspective. I enjoy capturing the essence of a moment, telling a story by diversity of color and pattern that the eye and camera cannot see.
I consider a painting complete when the idea I am trying to express matches the thoughts in my mind. Often this process leaves me naked and feeling exceptionally vulnerable. If somebody, while looking at my artwork gets that special feeling of something personal, I'm satisfied.

I never experience 'artist block', wondering what to paint, only the dilemma of what to paint next. I wonder how I'll ever find time to capture all the visions going through my head. The more I paint, the more I leave unpainted. 

I don't feel the need to capture everything exactly as it exists in so-called reality. To appreciate space and form from an imaginative, spiritual and non-realistic perspective for me comes closer to capturing what's more real: that which leaves an impression on my heart and mind. The unseeable spirit that moves form and space. So to me abstraction and true representation are not so far apart. I seek to paint not only objects, but also the spirit therein. For me this is the most personal, emotional and thought-provoking form of art.

Hopefully, for my viewers, a painting will open the eyes of the heart for them to experience a somewhat deeper connection to the world. If so, then I can feel I have accomplished my job. The intuitive and skilful use of colour by any artist plays a large part in this. So, I really hope you enjoy these colours I have brought together in symphony for this show.