Hand Embellished Canvas Prints

My embellished gallery wrapped canvas prints benefit from greater involvement on the part of the original artist (in this case myself) than an unembellished print, This means art lovers can get a step closer to an original painting at a fraction of the cost.

Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are as Unique as An Original Painting

How are Embellishing Techniques applied?

Embellishing techniques are as unique as the artists themselves – some use oil paints while others use clear gesso, some have a great deal of texture while others apply a thin layer of paint. My prints are embellished using the same brush and knife techniques used to produce my original oil paintings, meaning the canvas has more texture and dimension when it is embellished and looks more like an original. And although these are reproductions each one is unique in its own way, both serigraphs and giclee prints can be embellished.

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